NUDE GAY ALPHA Unscented Pheromones

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NUDE GAY ALPHA™ is a fragrance-free alcohol free multiple pheromone creation intended to be used with any cologne you choose. Its function is to attract homosexual men, and increase the alpha dominance, or manliness of the wearer.

The product label may show nudity.

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For the Dominant Gay Male Who Wants More Power Attracting Men

NUDE GAY ALPHA™ unscented human pheromone formula was created for veteran pheromone users who desired a more dominant formula. Featuring a complex multi pheromone blend with 2mg of androstenone above the already potent NUDE formula, as well as other secret ingredients.

This product is based on Swedish studies that scanned the brains of homosexual men as they were being exposed to different pheromones. These scans revealed that the pleasure centers of the homosexual brain activates only when exposed to certain pheromones. In particular gay men’s pleasure centers activate when exposed to the pheromones of dominant healthy heterosexual males. The response was very comparable to the brain pattern of heterosexual women. The NUDE Gay Alpha™ formula was created using the information supplied by the above mentioned research.

NUDE Gay Alpha™ was designed for attraction success by people who in fact use their own creations. Yes, we use the products we sell. We are be able to create any concentration or amalgamation of pheromones that we desire, and we do, then we make available that precise same formula to you. We may not be the biggest pheromone company in the world, but Liquid Alchemy Labs will always provide the best products.

NUDE GAY ALPHA™ is an alcohol free roll on pheromone that you can use with any cologne of your choosing. It can be applied before or after your regular cologne, or be used with no cologne at all. Go NUDE!

Alcohol Free

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A note about the characteristics of an unscented pheromone: It should be understood that a certain number of people cannot smell pheromones. However a huge number of people can. The idea of unscented does not mean that there is no scent at all, it means no scent has been added. In fact if you cant smell anything after applying an unscented pheromone to your skin and neither can anyone else, chances are the product contains very low amounts of pheromones or no pheromones at all.

A note about strength: It is common to see 10x 25x 50x concentrated super strength pheromone products being offered. As with many things in life, more is not always better. Pheromones will repel people or have other side effects if the concentration is too high. What if you could get your cologne or perfume at 50x concentration? It would burn your eyes out of their sockets and permanently damage your sinuses. Heck the military would want it. Besides, 50x concentration compared to what? It has no meaning because there is no set standard.

It is simply better to have a well balanced formula that was designed for peak performance. A complex blend is more powerful than an overdose. We started playing the more power game at first with our products in an effort to stay competitive. It did not take very long to see that after a certain level of concentration you are doing your customers a disservice. If we would not wear it, we should not be offering it to our customers, and what we make for us, we should make for them.

A note about our formulas: Our pheromone formulas for men, women, lesbians, gay men, or the transgendered are all different. What attracts one will not attract another the same way, and in some cases will repel the very people you want to attract. Many pheromone sellers have the exact same formula for everyone. Usually it is an attract women formula but they sell it to everyone. It is true some pheromones come from both men and women but in vastly different amounts. You can't just throw an attract women formula at a lesbian woman, or a heterosexual man and expect it to work. Again, the formula is important.

If you are going to upgrade something; why not yourself?

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