Pheromone Perfumes and Colognes For Lesbian Women

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For Women to Attract Women PASSION COPULINS™ Women to attract Women Scented.
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Liquid Alchemy Labs provides the finest pheromone perfumes and colognes. In time we will also have the most massive collection on the planet. Now, that  is not going to go down without the customer. Hmmm, Customer, that does not appear right. I would preferably have supporters or friends than customers. We, for that reason want to say that we will continuously try to provide the Highest Quality products that we can, and that your satisfaction is our number one goal. Yes, I know, pure genius  Produce something that people desire and value. Something with intrinsic value, then you don’t have to trick people out of their money. Let’s hope other companies will do the same.

We, Liquid Alchemy Labs won't stay alive without satisfying you, and would not have made it this far without the people who have been behind us by using our goods over the years. We only exist because we have been doing things right.  . We want for you to keep us for life. We have to take care of each other just like any good relationship. We are thrilled to be your perfumer.


Monumental amounts of time is spent on pheromone investigation and product advancement. New recipes  are being tested continually. As new pheromone discoveries are made and proven we will present in the form of new products for you. We have not talked very much about the cologne and perfume creation. Did you know our desire and aspiration is to craft old world perfumes and colognes with scientifically advanced pheromone and pheromone like formulas? If we had royalty they categorically would want us as their Perfumers. Liquid Alchemy Labs Royal Perfumers to His Majesty the King. Oh yeah, that sounds nice!


We understand that the brand of person that wears pheromone cologne is not quite like everyone else. We have found out that they tend to be extra inquisitive or adventurous and want to upgrade, or get more from living. They have a propensity to be hopeful and forward thinking. Looking at it that way you have to think, "What a remarkable group of people to be associated with."


We manufacture perfume for you. Your support manufactures a future for us.


Thank you,
Garry Nelson
Liquid Alchemy Labs


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