Pheromones for Gay Men to Attract Men

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POSSES™ is a refined spicy, masculine scent with notes of lemon, orange, lavender, cedar, sage and tobacco.

Some say its scent is similar to Dolce & Gabbana

1/3RD OF AN OUNCE 10ml
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POSSESS™ for Gay Men

The Liquid Alchemy Labs POSSESS™ gay pheromone formula was created for the gay male who wants to project a healthy high value male image. This product is based on Swedish research that scanned the brains of gay men while they were being exposed to different pheromones. These scans revealed that the pleasure centers of the homosexual brain light up only when exposed to certain pheromones. In particular gay men's pleasure centers activated when exposed to the pheromones of dominant healthy straight males. The reaction was very similar to the brain pattern of heterosexual women. POSSESS™ gay formula was created using the information provided by the above mentioned research.

POSSESS™, features a complex pheromone formula with multiple human pheromones, as well as ingredients used for the purpose of making people bond with you on a deep level. It also contains plant extracts from the rain forests of the Peruvian Amazon that have shown pheromone like reactions in humans. This product is unlike any other gay pheromone cologne. It would be accurate to say in the world, but that sounds like a lot of hype and people have developed filters that turn off any perceived hype these days. Hopefully you get the point.

We should point out that this formula will give you a heterosexual pheromone signature, don't panic, the advantage is:

  • Gay men will find you more attractive and desirable
  • Gay men's pleasure centers will be activated whether the want it or not, due to the high levels of proven brain activating pheromones, this is good for friendship or seduction
  • Heterosexual men will feel more comfortable around you, reducing social stress
  • This formula is also very good for the gay male who is trying to keep his sexual preference private but still attract sexual partners. Everything about this formula says you are a high quality manly man. Though not dangerous or overly aggressive. For that, you would want POSSESS ALPHA™


We have had many reports of men who use the POSSESS™ gay formula saying that their lovers have to keep coming back for more because of the way they feel around the wearer. This has been reported by men who had no history of this sort of behavior from their lovers until after they started wearing POSSESS™ Now, this is not in every case, but it has been a steadily and statistically reoccurring theme in the emails that we have been receiving, and that makes it worth mentioning.

Yes, you will also attract women with this formula. If you are bisexual that is a bonus. if you are gay, hey, it is still a bonus. It is good to be desirable. Just don't let it go to your head.

We may not have the flashiest site, or the fanciest bottles. We may be missing the photos of scantily clad young men in leather with rippling abs and glistening butt cleavage, but that is because we are not making novelty pheromone products here. Arousing and then seducing you into one sale is not enough. We want you to love us.

We are making time honored Perfumer quality colognes and perfumes and we are using pheromones as the new and powerful seductive ingredient that they are.

We test, and we test, before presenting a new masterpiece to the public. We are the new Perfumers, If there is no art involved, there is no spirit, no spirit, no point. Let everyone else buy from the malls of the world. We are not interested in them any way. We have found that a percentage of people who buy from us become fiercely loyal. They take up arms against regular colognes and or perfumes and support us with an intensity we could never have imagined. When that sort of loyalty presents itself to you, it becomes vitally important not to let these amazing people down. We cannot create any piece of scent-ual art without first considering them or you.

What in the world are you waiting for? ORDER NOW

. ONE OUNCE 30ml
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