Number One Pheromone Perfume for Attracting Men

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POSSESS™ is too HOT! A seductive and exotic scent with notes of, raspberry, melon, citrus, and a slight floral note. Not to mention the intense and erotic pheromone blend.

A Truly Erotic Creation

. 1/3RD OF AN OUNCE 10ml
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Would you like to know a little secret about perfume?

What is the purpose of your perfume? Do you wear it at the very least to not smell bad? Do you wear perfume to attract people? Have you ever thought about it?

When was the first time that you ever applied perfume? Was it your mother, grandmother or someone else that you trusted, admired, or even loved that wrapped you in your first magical scents and made you feel like a big girl? Why did that person wear perfume?

We want to present you with a pheromone perfume not designed to just make you smell nice, but to enchant people. Yes, primarily men. However we want to talk a little more about perfume in general before we explain to you in detail why we feel that what we have is special.

A high percentage of women wear their perfume with no consideration at all as to whether men like the scent? Now, that may not be you but, seriously do you know if your perfume is even liked by men? Does it arouse and delight them, or remind them of their grandmother. If they do like it, how high would it be rated on a scale of one to ten? Even worse could your perfume annoy men? Dont bother asking them because most guys are going to say, Yeah it smells fine. Another thing to consider is how much should you wear. It is not uncommon for men when surveyed to reveal that they feel many women wear too much perfume. So much so that it can be considered painful to a percentage of men. How is it that such a high number of women wear perfume but dont know if it is liked by anyone but themselves?

What about the perfumers? You know the people who make this stuff, do they consider these things? I think they should. In fact, we did and that is why we are talking about all of this with you now.

POSSESS pheromone perfume was not just created, we tested and tested to find the highest percentage of perfume attractiveness. However, we did not do it the way you might think, or the way most perfumers would. Here is the important part so pay attention. We did not test with women, but with men. Men were asked to pick from various perfumes including the top five most popular perfumes in the world as well as an assortment of scents that we had chosen to test as candidates for our POSSESS product. Then the scent that was selected the most and rated the highest on the 1 to 10 scale by these men was used as the cover scent for our special Liquid Alchemy Labs pheromone formula.

After the pheromones were added we again did a test with a new group of men and the original assortment of perfumes including our new pheromonized winner from the first test. Now this is exciting, we already knew our scent was a winner and would be chosen above the other scents. What was exciting was the fact that after adding the pheromones the percentages of men picking our formula as well as the level they rated it at went through the roof. The results were way higher than our original test even though we were using the same scent. The pheromones made a big difference!

Wow, we thought, if men love it lets test it on women? We performed the same test again, this time with all women. Guess what? The results were completely random on all of the scents including our big winner, except for the top five major brands which the women gave higher rankings. It turns out that women like what is most popular not what men found most sensual alluring and exciting.

Ok, so you have to consider what your goal is for wearing a perfume. Consider the information we have given you and get this product. Give it a test drive and see that we are saying makes sense. We have done the work you must take it from here to get the reward

You deserve it, dont think about it. Get it now

. ONE OUNCE 30ml
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