KANE Pheromone Gel

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KANE™ (kah neh) Hawaiian for Man/Male/Boy Kane pheromone gel is just that, Concentrated Male Sexual Pheromones to the MAX!

We can't help the way it looks, it just came out that way.

KANE GEL 30 ml
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This unscented gel formula was created for the purpose of pushing the bounds of the male sexual scent signature for maximum arousal.

Why do we make so many alpha products for homosexual men including this one even though a good portion of homosexual men are not alpha? Well, alpha and beta pheromones work differently with gay men than they do with heterosexual women.

The number one question we receive from homosexual men is, "Which pheromones can I use to seduce a straight guy?" Homosexual men are most turned on by men who look and act straight (We are talking in general) and brain scans show that arousal very much includes the straight man's pheromone signature and it does not matter if the man being tested is alpha or beta, their pleasure centers still respond to the alpha pheromones. So we figured why not light up the pleasure centers as much as possible?

Try this stimulating product right now. Get it.

KANE GEL 30 ml
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Though this product is unscented, you may be able to detect the scent of the pheromones themselves.

About the Bottle

We decided to use a vacuum bottle design that does not use a pickup wand like the average spray or pump bottle. When we tried standard bottles we found that a great deal of the pheromone gel was left inside the bottle when it was empty, the gel remained stuck to the sides and left in the bottom where the wand could not reach it. With the vacuum bottle design, there is almost zero remaining gel on the sides and bottom as the bottle itself literally squeegees up the contents as you depress the pump. Another benefit of this is that there is no airspace in the bottle that could potentially react with the contents. Not that there is any real problem with this, but it is pretty high tech to keep the contents in a vacuum from start to finish of the bottle.

This design combined with gel allows for a very controlled form of dosing. With liquids you are restricted to drops, with gel you can do fractions of drops very accurately. We have tried to choose our dispenser well, so that we can give improved control over the pheromone output compared to other bottling methods.

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